The Talent Show – Ep. 072 – What Engages YOU???

What do you LOVE about your favorite podcast? What keeps YOU coming back to your favorite shows? Listen closely to your favorite shows and LEARN from them!!!

This episode of The Talent Show is all about listener engagement. I take a look at the critical elements that keep listener engagement high.  As a barometer, I use the same elements that Bridge Ratings used in it’s Podcasting Audit to discuss listener engagement.  In Episode 71, I went through the details of this research project.  Bridge Ratings not only asked how many people listen to podcasts, but (more importantly) why they tune out.  I use those factors in this episode for you examine WHY you love your favorite podcasts. And how you can ask yourself as a host if you are doing these things for your audience.

These four factors in driving listener engagement:  Topic, Host, Quality and Staying Engaged

Since it is easier to hear these things in others (than it is in ourself), this episode will give you an “ear” when you listen to other shows.


I’ll make you a deal…if you send me a question for The Talent Show, i’ll answer it with a shameless plug for your podcast!  You can email me at  Have a great day…thanks for the listen and may your listener engagement always be high!

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