The Talent Show – Ep. 057 – Your Podcast Audience

podcast audience

How well do you really know your podcast audience?

Knowing your audience is crucial to long-term success of your podcast. However, all too often, hosts lose sight of their podcast audience and their show “drifts” out of it’s lane. This episode of The Talent Show is all about understand your audience, are keeping it front of mind during every show.

Ask yourself these three questions:

  • Who do you think you are talking to?
  • Who are you really talking to?
  • Are you sure?

So many conversations around podcasting revolve around knowing your audience.  And while all of these conversations about podcast audience are important and insightful, remembering this every episode is what helps make your show great. Think of the demographics like age and income, but also consider HOW they would like to spoken to. If you have a wall street podcast…don’t talk like a surfer 🙂

Using this constant assessment of your podcast audience will keep you in full perspective during all elements of your show.  Whether you banter with a co-host or making decisions for booking guests, your audience is the filter all things should go through.  Treat it with the care it deserves!

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