Meet Shark

In March of 2014, I walked away from radio at the top of my game.  As Program Director of one of America’s most innovative talk-radio stations, WHPT-FM (102-5 The Bone) in Tampa, I coached some of the industry’s most daring talent.  When I resigned, The Bone was a dominant number one rated radio station in Tampa, FL.  In addition, I also programmed one of America’s most influential Alternative Rock stations, 97X.

So…why in the hell would I leave two great gigs at the pinnacle of my career?

Simple…to travel the world and take a year off.

I spent a month in Italy. I drove over 12,000 miles across America. And I gained an invaluable perspective about the radio industry that I simply would not have gained staying inside the business.

When you’re inside the bottle…you can’t read the label.

I believe this to be true.  In order to hear radio differently, I needed to hear radio differently: from the outside.  Now, I am excited to bring this perspective back to the industry that I love.  An industry on the precipice of a renaissance.  And I feel that the single most important thing radio can be doing right now is to develop TALENT!


I am NOT a consultant. I am a Coach.

I love working with highly-talented people and watching them succeed.

In addition to traveling, writing and spending time with my wife of 18 years and two kids (13 & 11), I also began gaining my certification as a professional coach.  I am currently working on completing internationally-recognized certification through the Academy of Coaching Excellence in Sacramento, CA. and Stockholm, Sweden.

I bring together this coaching mindset and principles with my experience in the radio industry to give a unique approach to developing talent.

I believe everyone should love what they do.  What you choose to do in life, your “work” if you will, should keep you up at night and get you out of bed in the morning.  I have coached people my whole life with this mantra.  Do what you love…love what you do.  And THIS path is what I love.

I can’t wait to meet you soon!