The Talent Show – Ep. 055 – iTunes Reviews

itunes reviews

In this episode of The Talent Show, I share my evolving philosophy on iTunes reviews. I have always known there is importance in asking, but I always enjoyed the unsolicited review. We discuss the relevance of reviews, but more important is the idea of giving thanks on your show!

Do you regularly ask for iTunes reviews? It’s the currency in which we, as podcast hosts, live by. I discuss the importance of these reviews, but also how I have changed my perspective.  I always loved the unsolicited reviews – it feels good to get a review that comes completely organically. However, these reviews are good for the long term success of your podcast.

Ask for these iTunes reviews, but always remember to give thanks in your podcast…very important every episode. Authentically showing love and thanks to your audience is a great exercise every episode!

Seems like now is as good a time as any to ask you for an iTunes review 🙂 Just click here to go right to my iTunes page, then click into iTunes to leave a review.

Thanks for listening to The Talent Show!

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